Careful! There is more to the price of a canning line than the sticker price or cans per minute.


Is installation included in your purchase price?

Canning lines should be installed by the manufacturer to ensure long term success. Improper installations waste time and product and cost you money.


If you and your team aren’t trained properly, it can result in wasted product, leaky seams, broken parts, and major downtime.

That is a huge impact to the value you get from your system.

Ease of use

Your machine should be intuitive; you don’t want to spend valuable time figuring out how to use it or how to fix it when things go wrong.


Does your machine work with accessories like your depalletizer, LN2 doser, six packers, and labellers?
It would be a waste to buy something that doesn’t work with the rest of your equipment.


How well built is your machine? Hopefully you will be packaging product for your customers non-stop.

Is your system build well enough to stand the test of time? No one wants to have to buy another line in a year or two because the first one was cheap.


Can your canning line handle multiple can and end sizes, carbonation levels, fill volume, foam levels, and unique product conditions? If you decide to change things up in the future, you want to know that your line can adjust to your needs.


Your business grows and changes over time. What looks like small production today could rapidly turn into major demand tomorrow.

Rather than buying new systems as you grow, make sure that you buy one that is easy to upgrade when you need to change things up.

Running the system

How many people does it take to run the system? Labor costs can sky rocket if your machine takes a village to run.


Do you have what it takes to maintain your system? How easy is it to get replacement parts or troubleshoot issues with the manufacturer? Every can is more money in your pocket.

You don’t want to waste it on systems that need constant maintenance and are hard to fix on the fly.

Down time

Downtime on a machine can throw a major wrench in your production schedule. If your distributors are expecting inventory, you’d better deliver. There are too many options out there to worry about missing out on sales.

Dealing with issues

Things come up. Do you have the expertise to understand how to keep dissolved oxygen low, maintain consistent fills, and keep your flavor intact? One of the biggest hidden costs comes from lack of knowledge.

Make sure you have a customer service team that is there to answer questions, send you parts, or come help out when you run into challenges.

Quality of the final product

You want your product to taste like you intend when your customer cracks open a can.
You will lose customers and money if your end product is underfilled, oxidized, or flat.

Do your due diligence!

Understanding the total cost of ownership is crucial to buying the right system for you.