• Wild Goose Labeller

    Automated Inline Labelling for Cans and Bottles

    Designed for Seamless Integration with Wild Goose Canning or Bottling Systems

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    The Wild Goose Labeller delivers versatile full wrap label application for a variety of round container types, sizes and materials.

    • Reliable label placement
    • User-friendly operation
    • Versatile for your needs
    • Built for longevity



    • Label Application Speed Up To: 4800 per hour (based on 152 mm label length)
    • Dispensing Speed Maximum: 40640 mm per minute
    • Label Size Maximum: 254 mm W x 152 mm H
    • Optional Label Height: 206 mm
    • Label Placement Adjustment: Labels from 25 mm to 152 mm tall can be adjusted vertically up to 76 mm
    • Label Spool Diameter: 330 mm
    • Label Roll Diameter Maximum: 305 mm
    • Label Core Size: 76 mm
    • Labeller Dimensions: 2464 mm L x 1524 mm W x 1753 mm H
    • Conveyor Dimensions: 2464 mm L x 114 mm W including end/end transitions
    • Optional Conveyor Width: 152 mm
    • Conveyor Deck Height Options: (Custom options available)
      • Canning Line Compatible: 1143 mm
      • Mobile Canning Line Compatible: 864 mm +/- 50 mm
      • Bottling Line Compatible: 914 mm +/- 50 mm
    • Power Options:
      • Single-phase 20A @ 110VAC, 60 Hz
      • Single-phase 230V
    • CE-Certified


    Compatible Accessories


    • Hot Stamp Encoder
    • Clear Label Sensor
    • Extended Label Height
    • Extended or Additional
    • Conveyance
    • Casters
    • Spare Parts Kit

Additional Features

The Wild Goose Labeler delivers versatile full wrap label application for a variety of round container types, sizes and materials.


User-friendly labelling for cans and bottles

Built for longevity

Durable construction, a welded stainless-steel frame and adjustable feet or casters means the labeler can withstand your production environment. Providing high speeds and precise control, the labeler’s stepper motor drives consistent long-term labeling, container after container

Reliable label placement

Provides precise application of labels on cylindrical aluminum, glass or plastic containers. Wrap belt ensures every label adheres consistently around the entire can or bottle.

User-friendly operation

Operators can manage all labeler functions and settings through an easy touchscreen control system. Teaching Mode makes it easy to train the labeler for different container shapes and colors.

Versatile for your needs

Switch between different label sizes or styles. Change your setup configuration based on preferred label wind and equipment layout.