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    Our newest all-purpose craft canning machine has arrived.

    The Wild Goose Fusion Counter Pressure Canning System accommodates virtually every craft beverage across a wide range of product conditions, like higher product carbonation levels, pressures and temperatures.

    Our proprietary system design uses groundbreaking counter pressure filling technologies developed by Wild Goose. The Wild Goose Fusion canning line combines the best of our pioneering fast-pour innovations with the versatile bandwidth of pressurized filling to give you unmatched counter pressure canning performance.


    • Can Size: Range of standard and sleek can sizes, including 211 and 204 bodies up to 19.2 oz
    • Dimensions: 224 cm L x 38” 97 cm W x 116” 295 cm H  (205 cm H when lid tube removed)
    • Deck Height: Entry and exit height of 117 cm
    • Weight: 363 kg
    • Power: Single-phase 12FLA @230VAC, 60 Hz
    • Air: Clean, dry compressed air required at 90-100 PSI, 12.2 CFM
    • CO₂: Required at 20-30 PSI dependent on add-on options
    • Training: Onsite for 2-3 days

    Mobile and CE-Certified models available.

    Compatible Accessories

    • Flow Meters
    • QuickChange System™
    • Rinse Tunnel & Air Nozzles
    • Inlet Pressure & Temperature Monitors
    • Liquid Nitrogen Dosing
    • Accumulation Pack-Out Conveyor
    • Manual Whale Tail Infeed Tray
    • Blue Lift for Depalletization
    • Spare Parts Kit


EVERYTHING YOU NEED – ALL IN ONE PLACE Find specification sheets, customer spotlights, videos and a bunch of other stuff in our resources section.


Crafted to meet your needs.

European Specifications

European Specifications

CE certified systems with an unsurpassed, compact footprint. Developed for the European market to satisfy regulatory compliance. Ask us how we can meet your specific regulatory needs.

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Mobile Design

Mobile Design

For those that need a small footprint, that want to start their own business canning, or need to be able to move their canning line easily, we offer a mobile design. The mobile canning line is engineered for transport in a trailer or box truck with other mobile accessories.

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Craft Beverage Expertise

Craft Beverage Expertise

Carry Your Brew with Our Passion, Ingenuity and Precision. Our filling systems are tailor-made and precision engineered to meet your individual needs. Every recipe is different, let us use our expertise to make sure that your beverage tastes like you intended once it is packaged.

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