Wild Goose Fusion™ Counter Pressure Canning System

The Wild Goose Fusion™ has arrived. Our latest canning system delivers all-purpose beverage packaging engineered with new proprietary counter pressure filling technologies developed by Wild Goose.

The Wild Goose Fusion canning line accommodates virtually every craft beverage across a wide range of product conditions, like higher product carbonation levels, pressures and temperatures.

Whether you are canning a high carbonation seltzer, a still wine, or anything in between, the Wild Goose Fusion system handles it.

Expertise you can trust.

Products that deliver.

Wild Goose systems are known for their purpose-built capability, outstanding performance, and dependability. Whether you are starting from scratch with your business or ready to distribute your products worldwide, you can count on Wild Goose. We work overtime to make sure that the product in your tanks is exactly what ends up in your bottles and cans.


Hand crafted for the beverage industry; Wild Goose knows canning. Our systems are designed with precision and durability to meet your size, throughput, and quality standards.

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Industry-leading bottling and carbonating technologies custom built for your specific needs. Automated and manual capabilities ensure that you have complete control of your final product.

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Craft Expertise

Whether you're bottling beer, cider, tea, water, soda, juice, or some other beverage, Wild Goose machines are designed and engineered to allow for unmatched operational control.

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The Wild Goose Difference
  • Precision engineering
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Made in house
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Tested and proven
  • Decades of experience

Certifications & Awards