The Wild Goose Canning Story

Pioneers in the Craft Beer Renaissance

Two innovative engineers. One ambitious brewer. Wild Goose Canning grew from a summer afternoon in Boulder, Colorado when neighbor Upslope Brewing founders knocked on the door asking for help with a slow, faulty canning system. A few beers later, Wild Goose Canning’s founders realized not only could they fix the system, they could build a better one from the ground up.

Since then, Wild Goose Canning has revolutionized seaming to provide the best can integrity in the industry, designed innovative solutions to minimizing dissolved oxygen, and has given rise to the mobile canning industry.


The Meheen Bottling Story

The Gold Standard for Quality Bottling in the Craft Industry

Meheen bottling was born in the early days of craft beer when the founder decided to build a bottling system for his own microbrewery. His mission was to protect the quality, taste and integrity of his own craft beer.

That effort turned into a breakthrough for the industry. Meheen bottling systems quickly became the leaders in bottling craft beverages because of their ability to manage and control every aspect of quality through their proprietary carbonation and filling processes.

Wild Goose Filling Systems

The Best of the Best in Craft Beverage.

In 2016, Wild Goose Canning and Meheen Bottling unified under Wild Goose Filling to provide customers with more packaging options to fit their needs. Together, our decades of craft industry knowledge and engineering expertise gives producers packaging solutions that work for their business. Our industry-leading options for canning and bottling include manual, automated, and mobile systems engineered for quality and designed to protect beverage integrity. Today, craft producers all over the world rely on Goose for high-quality and consistent filling systems for beer, wine, cider, seltzer, CBD drinks, coffee, kombucha and more.


World Beer Cup awards from our customers
1000s of Customers
Billions of cans filled
Billions of bottles filled
150+ GABF awards
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Lowest dissolved oxygen

Geese Across the World

Partnership is in our DNA.

Wild Goose has an unmatched network of global partners. We built our business on collaboration and rely on our network of partners to provide the best resources to our customers.