“I researched a few other canning lines as part of our planning process, and Goose was the clear choice. I’ve seen the mobile canning guys throw the Goose in the back of the truck and haul it around, and knowing the machine worked well for them meant our own Goose would do well, too.

When we bought our Goose, my only concern was the potential to eventually outgrow it. The ability to add another fill head through the Evolution Series’ upgradeable platform took care of that worry. To add to that, the fact we have had our Goose for three-and-a-half years and didn’t have to make a single seamer correction is pretty impressive.

Having the flexibility to meet growing demand, get all of our releases packaged by mid-week, plus getting more things accomplished around the brewery – those were the driving forces behind upgrading our Wild Goose to a WG5 and adding our Meheen M4. Before we had the Meheen, we were doing our stout bottlings on a very rudimentary sort of homebrewer filling setup. But just this morning my team has already bottled and labeled 85 cases of an imperial stout on our Meheen. By 10:30 AM we were done, and with good quality numbers. That’s efficiency.

Quality is obviously important to a lot of breweries, and I feel like we at Burial hold ourselves to (at times almost ridiculously) high standards. Consumers can tell what is good and what is not, so the importance of shelf stability and how the beer looks and tastes by the time it gets to the customer is something we drive home. That is just part of the company culture at Burial Beer, and Wild Goose helps us reach those goals.”